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The Player
Name/nickname: Kristine
Age: 27
Pronouns: she/her
Contact: krharbek on gmail and AIM
Currently played characters: Seth

The Character
DW account: [personal profile] insectreflection
Name: Tara Maclay
Age/Birthdate: 21, born October 16th, 1980
Species: Human
Canon: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Canon point: After final appearance
Played By: Amber Benson


Tara is a witch and has been so since childhood. This allows her to do a buttload of stuff. Some of these abilities will be improved by coming through the Rift, and some will disappear, so she'll have to deal with the confusion of figuring out what works and what doesn't, yay!

However, one thing to note right away is she's an incredibly responsible and prudent witch. She will not use magic for anything she can do the normal way, and she's very respectful and mindful of using magic to change things that shouldn't be changed. This will hold especially true now she's in a new universe where she's drawing her magic from a different place, which she doesn't fully understand (aka from the Rift).

Various sensory stuff:
  • Aura perception - She has "the Sight" and can read auras. What this means will kinda vary from person to person, but she will for example be able to tell if someone's an alien or otherwise not human. She's also much harder to trick with illusions of people, and sometimes she can tell if something is very wrong with someone from their aura. She can also to some extent tell a bit about what kind of person they are. However, all of this is not all that exact or nuanced, and takes interpretation, so it's hard for her to be sure exactly what she sees means.
  • She can feel magic - this will also extend to sensing power use, powerful beings, and the Rift itself. Given the amount of Rifty stuff in the city though, there will be a lot of static keeping her from automatically noticing things unless it's very powerful or close. She can also meditate to focus in on this.
Reality manipulation:
  • Telekinesis - somewhat stronger than what she would be able to move physically, but also much more exhausting. A lot of different spells ties into this.
  • Thermal manipulation - creating heat or fire, or making things cold. Also creating light.
  • Transmutation - changing one thing into another. (Takes a lot of concentration/effort.)
Other stuff:
  • Power boosting - something she's always been good at with magic, but after coming through the rift it will apply to any power. Giving her support (best done by holding hands) makes someone else's power temporarily much stronger/accurate/reliable.
  • Telepathy - very limited ability, but she is more immune to other people doing it to her. She'll also be more perceptive and adept at Dreaming stuff.
Spells - Stuff that requires longer incantations, ingredients, chanting, rituals, etc:
  • Illusions, protection, barriers, invisibility, love spells, memory alteration, healing, you name it?
  • Enchanting objects or making potions

All of the magic stuff requires focus, determination, clarity of mind, energy etc. Which means even if she wanted to, she will not be able to just cast spells willy-nilly. Some things she can do just by thinking, and some requires incantations. Also she can do.. like... a buttload of other stuff??? But she will not be able to do any spells/rituals that calls upon specific deities or spirits. However, she may eventually discover that she can call upon the Rift instead, but we all know how fickle the Rift is about helping people, so who knows how that will go. This is mostly for REALLY big stuff though.

Basically magic allows her to do loads of different stuff, but she will be limited by her own energy levels, the Rift's cooperation, resources/ingredients for potions/spells and stuff, and of course lacking any sort of instructions or books. And she won't be able to like, summon demons, or connect to other realities or planes, ooor leave Manhattan/the Rift.

In short, I'm gonna be using common sense a lot when it comes to power restrictions, and if something affects other characters or the game at large I will clear it with everyone involved.

Non-power stuff:
She's fluent in Latin. I'm not though, so let's not test this too much. She also has a decent familiarity with a buttload of other languages, including Romanian, German, ancient Sumerian, ancient Celtic, ancient Egyptian, Babylonian, Tibetan, Phoenician, Enochian, Old Norse, and a few demonic languages. However, this is mostly spell-related, and generally pretty outdated language, so don't expect her to carry a conversation.

She's also just generally really knowledgeable about a lot of stuff? Especially old stuff. However, a lot of this will be how it relates to magic and demons and whatnot. So she knows a lot about history and different cultures, but not all of it is necessarily relevant in an alternate universe. Also she can ride horsies, and she's a decent cook.

Tara is an attractive white woman in her early 20s. She 5'4" and has a slightly heavy build, but definitely fits within the bounds of conventionally attractive. She has long-ish, straight, dark blonde hair which she sometimes ties back/up, and has a soft, sympathetic face. She tends towards comfortable, cute clothing, sometimes showing her Wiccan influence, although she's from 2002 so her style is kinda dated. She also often wears jewelery, and cute skirts/dresses. She generally comes across as a very calm, warm and non-aggressive person, rarely raising her voice, though in recent years she's also started holding herself with confidence. However, she still stutters when she gets nervous/flustered.

Tara is an incredibly warm and compassionate person. Her driving force is her love for others and her desire to be useful and a positive influence in the world. She always sees the good in people, and has so much understanding and forgiveness to offer. She also desperately wants to belong, after spending most of her childhood feeling like an outsider, not just in the world at large but also in her family. She wants to be appreciated and seen and included, but not be the centre of attention. 
She's also an abuse survivor, which particularly shows not just in her shyness, but also in her refusal for her or anyone else to be made a victim. She will fiercely protect her friends, including from other friends or from their own fears and insecurities. She will not let herself be treated unfairly, but she will also generally put others' needs before her own. In the show she functions often as a moral compass, with an inherent strength that others can draw from and ler her support them. She often finds and helps those who need it most. She's a follower rather than a leader, but will often end up guiding her friends through her strong sense of ethics, and she will speak up when it's important to do so.
She has a very warm and cheeky sense of humour though never cruel. Though she's very responsible and rooted, she enjoys having fun as long as it doesn't harm anyone. She's also a big nerd, and has spent much of her life buried in books, so taking a research role suits her just fine. She's not particularly suited to more action-oriented roles, though she will rise to the task when it's necessary, primarily with magic. She used to be extremely insecure, and still stutters when she's flustered or scared, though she's become a lot more confident in the past three years. She's incredibly brave and strong, but in a way that doesn't really announce itself too loudly. 

Tara was born and raised in Southern California, in a very small town, and was largely home-schooled, primarily by her mother. She also had a big brother and a father, both of whom were verbally (and on rare occasions physically) abusive. However, her relationship with her mother was close and affectionate, and Tara's studied to become a witch for as long as she can remember. Also from a very young age she's been told by her father that she and the women in her family were part demon, which is why they had magical powers, though she later found out this was a lie designed to keep control over the powerful witches in the family.

She was allowed to attend high school once she became old enough, though she didn't really make any friends. Her mother died from illness when Tara was 17, and she went through a rebellious phase of lying to her family and staying out all night. She also came out as a lesbian around this time. When time came to enroll in college, she did so in secret, and she moved to Sunnydale without saying a word or telling them where she'd gone. She wrote a few letters to let her family know she was doing alright, but otherwise didn't really keep in touch.

During her freshman year, she became a member of a student Wicca group, where she met Willow - the only other real witch in the group. When a group of demons stole the voices of everyone in Sunnydale, Tara sought out Willow to try to do a spell to give people their voices back. After this they started spending a lot of time together, practicing spells. Willow was the first real friend Tara had, and she helped Tara discover her confidence, while she in turn helped Willow get over her depression and become a more powerful witch. It didn't take long at all before Tara fell in love with Willow.

Willow eventually introduced Tara to the rest of her friends, including the titular Buffy, all of whom were involved in fighting vampires and demons, and Tara made an effort to be useful to the group, helping out with research and spells. Tara and Willow grew closer, through there was a slight hitch when Willow's werewolf ex-boyfriend returned, and, yanno, drama happened. After this was resolved however, Tara and Willow finally started dating.

Early in her sophomore year her family tracked her down, wanting to bring her home before (supposedly) the demon part of Tara would make itself known on her twentieth birthday. Scared her friends would see her for what she really was, she put a spell on them to blind them to the demon part of her. However, this backfired by making them blind to demons in general, which is kind of inconvenient when you regularly fight demons, and when Tara reversed the spell, the truth came out. But rather than shun and cast her out, her friends defended Tara from her family, helped her discover the truth of her non-demon humanity, and professed her an important part of the group - her real family, not just blood relation. Her family left, and Tara remained where she wanted to be, at school and among friends.

Near the end of the school year, Tara encountered an evil hell-god by the name of Glorificus or Glory, who tortured her for information by breaking her hand. Despite knowing what Glory wanted to know, Tara refused to say anything or give her friends up, so Glory "sucked out her mind". It's unclear what specifically happened to Tara's brain, but she was left in a childlike state, unable to take care of herself. Her ability to rationalise or hold conversations was gone, and she would have violent and emotional impulses she couldn't control. For several weeks, Willow took care of Tara, until she was finally able to take back Tara's mind from Glory and restore Tara to her former self.

The following summer, Tara and Willow became surrogate parent figures for Dawn, Buffy's younger sister, as Buffy herself had died. However, Willow wanted to resurrect Buffy, and Tara helped her, despite her reluctance due to resurrection being magic that broke the laws of nature. Even after Buffy returned, Tara and Willow continued to live in the same house.

At this point the relationship between Willow and Tara was showing strain. Tara was worried that Willow was using too much magic, developing too quickly and not respecting the source of that magic. After a fight on this topic, Willow used a spell to make Tara forget about their argument. When Tara found out, she was horrified that Willow would do something like that to her, knowing what Glory had done to her mind. She told Willow to go a week without magic, which Willow promised to do, but then broke the promise by doing another spell of forgetting, which led Tara to finally break up and move out of the house.

Despite breaking up with Willow, Tara tried to remain close with the rest of the gang, which became easier over time. Though it was too painful to spend time with Willow herself, Tara was glad to hear Willow was dealing and recovering from her magic addiction. After several months, Tara and Willow finally reached a point where they could start seeing each other again. Impatient with the process of rebuilding their relationship, Tara if they could just "skip it", and they resumed their relationship.

Barely days after this, Tara was hit by a stray bullet, and died almost immediately, in Willow's arms. Soon after, she'll be pulled through the Rift. She won't have spent too much time in whatever heavenly dimension she ended up to have to deal with the whole heaven-withdrawal thing, at least.

Writing Sample:
"Your shirt," Tara says, her brow knitting in a worried frown. It's spattered with red.
The last thing she sees is Willow's horrified face, as she collapses and everything goes dark. She doesn't have time to consider what this means. It just seems to happen.
And then she's... elsewhere.
Everything is soft and warm, and she know Willow's all right. She must be grieving, she must be in pain, but she will be okay. She has her friends, and she's strong. She'll heal and prosper and be safe. So will the rest of her friends. It's all going to be okay.
She doesn't know how long she's there. It can't be too long, but time seems to have no meaning.
And then she's not. The sunlight is harsh and bright, and there's all this noise. Traffic.
A lot of traffic, all around her. She's... in the middle of a round-about? It takes several long minutes for her to take in her surroundings. Gigantic buildings, tourists, cars. The noise is deafening. She looks down at herself, her jeans and blue sweater... the dark red stain and hole in her sweater, just over her heart. She touches it, but the skin there is unharmed, whole.
How did she get here? Where is here? The questions are too many for her to order in her mind, and she's not sure exactly what's happening. She has to collect herself for a minute to stop from panicking.
And she seems to be stuck atop the base of a monument. The granite is warm against her back, and it's just a little too far down for her to feel comfortable jumping. Especially given how shaky she currently feels.
"E-excuse me," she calls out to a passer-by. "I'm sorry, c- could you help me?"

The Game
How did you find out about Big Applesauce?
I CREATED IT, SON. *bangs cane*

What interests you about the game, and your character's place in it?
Man the people are just so cool, y'know?

Also I'm excited to play someone who's a bit more on top of her shit. She's just gonna be making friends all over and offering support and love for everyone who needs it. Because we always need more Team Moms, right? Also MAGIC SHOP MAGIC SHOP MAGIC SHOP.

Anything else?
Probably relevant to mention she's buddies with Spike. Well, okay, not really. But she knows Spike, in his pre-soul but-not-quite-evil state.

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How to reach player?
PM: this one
AIM: krharbek
Trillian: harbek
email: krharbek on gmail

[Out Of Character]
Backtagging with this character: Always
Threadhopping with this character: Just ask first
Fourthwalling: Go for it
Canon puncture: Go for it
Offensive subjects: Tara's an abuse survivor, but I don't have any strong squicks

[In Character]
Sexual/romantic orientation: Lesbian
Hugging this character: Happily
Flirting with this character: Go for it
Giving this character a kiss: If you want, though her reaction is uncertain
Something more intimate: Possibly, but I prefer to fade to black
Relationships: Eventually a possibility
Dub-con/non-con/sexual assault: Definitely not
Fighting with this character: If you can stand to hurt this adorable woman
Injuring this character: See above
Killing this character: A possibility in dreams only
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: She's a bit resistant to it, but yeah sure


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